Graaskamp Collection – CommunityInvolvement

A. Examples of Correspondence and Articles

1. The Closing of the Residential Units at the Downtown YMCA: Location of alternative housing sites, 1984 View
2. Letter from Rabbi Roseman, March 14, 1985: Solicitation for advice on religious institutions’ real estate holdings View
3. Development of the Reservoir, a Cooperative Housing Project, 1987 View
4. “Prof Backs Rail Corridor Aid”, Capital Times, March 24, 1988, p. 14. File includes correspondences with Downtown Madison, Inc. and news articles Outline View
5. Radio Interview on Single Family Home Market with Richard Mahler View

B. Graaskamp’s Participation in the Convocation Center Debate

1. Background Information
a. Assorted City of Madison Inter-Departmental Correspondences, August, 1985 – July, 1986 View
b. Excerpts from U.W. Study conducted by Flad and Associates, January, 1986 View
2. Correspondence
a. Graaskamp’s memorandum to UW officials, opposing the Convocation center, July 22, 1986 and August 5, 1986 View
b. Letters to Graaskamp, July – August, 1986 View
3. Articles Which Mention Graaskamp View

C. Graaskamp and the Convention Center Controversy

1. Background Information: Selected pages from the Capitol Square North Development Plan View
2. Convention Center Feasibility Studies for North Square Location Supervised by Graaskamp
a. “Concourse Exhibition Center Rationale”, James A. Graaskamp, Working Drafts, February 16, 1987 and February 25, 1987: Includes letter seeking information View
b. “Concourse Convention Center Feasibility Analysis”, by Baker, Berg and Kelling, for Graaskamp’s course, Business 857, May 10, 1987 View
c. “Conference Center Demand in Madison, Wisconsin: 1987”, by Erdmann and Spillane for Graaskamp, June 11, 1987 View
3. Other Proposals for Convention Center Sites: Selected excerpts from each proposal and City Attorney’s Request for Proposals (RFP) View
4. Convention Center Criteria Committee Minutes, June 27, 1986 to November 5, 1987 View
5. Miscellaneous Correspondence Regarding the Future Site of a Convention Center, August 15, 1986 – March 29, 1988 View
6. Downtown Madison, Inc. Involvement View
7. Correspondence from Graaskamp to Madison Press and Politicians View
8. League of Women Voters Report on Convention Center Site Selection View
9. Copy of Student’s Economics 390 Paper about the Convention Center Debate: Includes references to Graaskamp-NOTE: CONTENTS OF THIS FILE DELETED-COULD NOT LOCATE AUTHOR TO GAIN PERMISSION FOR USE View
10. Articles Which Mention Graaskamp View

D. Examples of Involvement Outside of Madison

1. Certificate of Graaskamp’s Membership to the Governor’s Committee on Eminent Domain, November 26, 1968 View
2. Letter from Arthur Nolan Regarding Dairyman’s Country Club, June 20, 1985 View
3. Correspondence between Graaskamp and Barbara Pauls Regarding the Valuation of Cranberry Bogs, December 14, 1987 View
false. Correspondences between Graaskamp and the American Society of Planning Officials (ASPO) Regarding ASPO’s Approach to Development Rights, November, 1972 View