Graaskamp Collection – UW Real Estate Alumni Association

A. General Correspondence

1. Early History

a. 1991 letter from Donald Evans detailing history of Graaskamp’s program and the Real Estate Alumni Association View
b. Letters of acceptance for leadership of regional alumni branches View
c. Administrative correspondence, including brochure View
d. Articles of organization View

2. Samples of Early Membership Rosters, including Board of Directors, 1977 Outline View
3. Correspondence with Pam Oleinik, Administrator for the Alumni Program, June 27, 1978 – September, 1978 View
4. Correspondence with Roger Juszczak during his Presidency of the Alumni Association, 1981-84 View
5. Informational Correspondence from Alumni – Address Updates, and News of Career Opportunities and Changes View
6. Miscellaneous Correspondence between Graaskamp and Alumni, 1978-1988 View
7. “Alumni Bulletin from the Chief”, Summer, 1984. Describes Motives and Reactions to the Departure of Prof. Mike Miles for Chapel Hill, NC View
8. “Hunt to Replace Graaskamp Tough”, by Jenifer Riddle, Wisconsin State Journal. Article after Graaskamp’s Death Dealing with Alumni Response to the Search for a Successor View

B. Reunions

1. 1977 – 1981 and 1983 Planning Materials and 1980 Newsclipping of University of Wisconsin Award of Distinction for Contributions to Real Estate and Land Economics (First Award to Warner G. Baird, Sr.) View
2. 1985 Planning Materials – (Wisconsin Award of Distinction to Claude Ballard) View
3. 1987 Planning Materials and Charles Shaw’s Acceptance Speech for the Wisconsin Award of Distinction View

C. Fieldtrips

1. Minneapolis, November 7-9, 1980. Includes Correspondence and Planning Materials View
2. Milwaukee, February, 1983. Includes Itinerary and Correspondence View
3. Chicago, April, 1983. Includes Itinerary, Correspondence and Thank You Letters after the Trip View
4. Minneapolis, April, 1985. Riverplace Tour/Fact SheetNOTE: No documents are included in this file. Reprint permission was denied. View
5. Washington, D.C., April 23-27, 1987. Correspondence View
6. Minneapolis, April 21-23, 1988

a. Itinerary and organizational materials View
b. “Factors Affecting Real Estate Values and Pricing”, Speech prepared on April 19, 1988, for Minneapolis trip. Graaskamp died on April 22, 1988 in Madison View

D. Fund-raising

1. Miscellaneous Administrative Records and Accounts, 19851988 View
2. General Correspondence Regarding Alumni Fund-Raising Activities including Announcement of James A. Graaskamp Memorial Fund View
3. Meetings of the Board of Directors, 1979 and 1985 View
4. Graaskamp’s Fund-Raising Efforts

a. Individual donors View
b. Corporate donors View
c. Family Sponsors Plan View

5. Sample of Correspondence Regarding Individual Donations to Graaskamp’s Program View
6. Correspondence Regarding Corporate Gifts, January 18, 1984 – March 23, 1988 and 1982 List of Corporate Sponsors View
7. Various Correspondence Regarding the Establishment of WREEF (Wisconsin Real Estate Endowment Fund), 19851987 View
8. Advertising – Correspondence with Lindsay and Stone and Creative Advertising Specialties. Includes Brochure for the Real Estate Program View
9. Miscellaneous Publicity about the Fund-Raising Efforts of the Real Estate Program and Correspondence Re: Other Institutions with Real Estate Programs View

E. Miscellaneous Scholarships and Teaching Assistantships

1. Scholarships and Teaching Assistantships Offered from June, 1982, to April, 1988 View

F. Articles in Periodicals and Newspapers

1. Selected Articles about Alumni, 1980 – 1988 View
2. Articles in which Alumni Comment on the WI Real Estate Program View

G. Miscellaneous Speeches to Alumni

1. “W Club Speech”, (Outline), Minneapolis, 1986 View
2. Minnesota Alumni Talk”, April 16, 1987 View
3. Chicago Chapter – “Public and Private Control of Appraisal Procurement”, September 11, 1987 View

H. Newsletters

1. Administrative Materials Regarding the Genesis of the Alumni Newsletter View
2. Various Newsletters from March 16, 1972 – October 28, 1977 View
3. U.W. Real Estate Alumni Association Newsletter, December 1977 (Vol. 1, Number 1) to October 8, 1985 View
4. Equity Kicker, Spring, 1986 – Fall, 1988 View

I. Recruiting and Job Placement

1. Miscellaneous Letters and Notices, 1978-87 View
false. “University of WI Real Estate Alumni Survey”, John D. Drier and E. Reed Stvan, November 25, 1982 View