Graaskamp Collection – Academic Associations

A. American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA)

1. “A Commercial Computer Service for Financial Analysis of Rental Income Property Decisions”, Presented at AREUEA Annual Meeting, Palmer House Hotel, Chicago, IL, December 28-29, 1968 View
2. Correspondence Concerning Graaskamp as Session Chair for Panel, “Computer Applications for Real Estate Analysis”, at AREUEA Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, 1975 View
3. Correspondence Concerning Responsibilities of the Wisconsin Region Membership Committee, August 23, 1982 View
4. Selected AREUEA Newsletters Mentioning Graaskamp’s Role in AREUEA Conferences Outline View
5. American Real Estate and Urban Economic Association Placement Service Letter. Graaskamp was Chairman of the Placement Committee View
6. Faculty Openings at the University of WI Real Estate Department Listed in the AREUEA Placement Service View
7. Salary Survey Form in October, 1984 AREUEA Placement Letter View
8. “Redefining the Role of University Education in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics”, Presented at AERUEA Annual Meeting, Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL December 29, 1974 View
9. Group Letter to AREUEA Officers and Directors Criticizing Current Focus of AREUEA Journal, November 2, 1977 View

B. American Real Estate Society (ARES)

1. Development of ARES View
2. ARES Newsletter. Selected Samples, 1986-1987 View
3. Development of the Journal of Real Estate Research, Graaskamp was an Editorial Board Member from 1986-1988 View

C. Homer Hoyt Institute

1. Graaskamp as Candidate Fellow in 1983 at the Homer Hoyt Institute School of Post Doctoral and Advanced Studies in Land Economics View
2. Correspondence with Maury Seldin for Research Grant to Define Level of Real Estate Market Research and Counseling, 1983 View
3. Meeting Plans of the Homer Hoyt Advanced Studies Institute Weimer School of Advanced Studies in Real Estate and Land Economics, 1987 View

D. Lincoln Institute

1. “Institutional Constraints on Redefinition and Reform of the Appraisal Process”, Paper given at the Lincoln Institute’s Appraisal Colloquium in Storrs, Connecticut, June, 1984. Also Contains Graaskamp’s Introductory Comments, “The Need for Redefinition and Reform of the Appraisal Process” View
false. Correspondence from William Kinnard after the Appraisal Colloquium, July 6, 1984 View