Graaskamp Collection – Participation in Industry Organizations

A. American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (AIREA)

1. Miscellaneous Correspondence: Includes course evaluations from Investment Analysis course, New Orleans, LA, May 2429, 1981 View
2. Application Materials for MAI Candidacy View

B. Society of Real Estate Appraisers (SREA)

1. SREA Designation Materials: Includes application and designation announcement View
2. Miscellaneous Correspondence: Includes letters from American Society of Appraisers requesting support View

C. Urban Land Institute (ULI) Outline

1. Administrative Materials from 1982 to 1988: Includes 1982 Trustees Report, lists of Standing Committees and Fellows 1984 – 1987 View
2. Lectures by James A. Graaskamp to ULI Committees and Councils: Includes “Proposal for Visual Aids from University Classrooms”, “University Contributions to Real Estate and Land Use Enterprise Management Education”, “Land LoansCondo Conversions”, and “Forces Working to Revitalize Appraisal Techniques” View
3. ULI Education Committee
a. Correspondence – February, 1977 to October, 1985 View
b. Mission of the ULI Education Committee 1977-1979: Includes some references to U.W. and James A. Graaskamp View
c. Memorandum reports to and from ULI Education Committee-NOTE: Reports from the ULI Education Committee were deleted at the request of ULI View
d. View
4. U.W. Participation in ULI Real Estate Development School Member of Textbook Steering Committee (1986) View

D. Lambda Alpha Fraternity – Ely Chapter

1. Graaskamp’s Initiation, June 13, 1974 View
2. “Feasibility Analysis – The Father of Appraisal”, an Address by Graaskamp at Lambda Alpha Meeting, March 19, 1976: Includes outline and text View

E. American Society of Real Estate Counselors (ASREC)

1. ASREC Membership and Committee Activities View
2. Brochure and Correspondence for Educational Development Trust Fund View

F. American College of Life Underwriters

1. Includes Correspondence and Brochure View

G. Graaskamp As Industry Advisor/Director

1. First Asset Realty Advisors (FARA): Board of Directors from 1981 – 1988 View
2. International Association of Assessing Officers: Education Fund Advisory Committee, 1969 – 1970. Also designated to serve on the Electronic Data Processing Committee (EDP), 1980 View
3. Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA): Founding member, and was treasurer from 1975 1979 View
4. Salomon Brothers: Member of Real Estate Consulting Team View
5. Miscellaneous Industry Correspondence View

H. Graaskamp as Member of Review Boards

false. Journal of Real Estate Finance (Warren Gorham & Lamont and Journal of Real Estate Research, (ARES) View