Graaskamp Collection – Personal Life

A. Personal Correspondence

1. General (Including Childhood Letters) View
2. Christmas Letters, 1965-1987; MISSING: 1981 View
3. Foster Parent Program (1981-1988) View
4. Employment Notices for “The Boys” View

B. Miscellaneous Fishing Trips

1. Correspondence View

C. Graduate Transcript, Resumes and Bibliographies

1. Documents View

D. Graaskamp as Real Estate Developer

1. Correspondence Concerning the Development of Applewood Hills View
2. Correspondence Regarding the Development of Schroeder Road Townhouses. View

E. Graaskamp as Real Estate Broker

1. Administrative Materials View

F. Awards

1. Correspondence View
2. Articles View
3. Copies of Actual Awards View

G. Efforts to Make Madison Accessible for Persons with Disabilities

1. Correspondence View
2. Miscellaneous Planning Materials View

H. Articles about Graaskamp

1. Personal Profiles (Includes Graaskamp’s Autobiography Written at Age Thirteen) View
2. Disability View
3. Fishing, Fun, Puns, and Quick Quotes (Thanks to Many Alumni) View
4. Graaskamp as Expert in His Field

a. U.W. Real Estate Program View
b. Madison Issues View
c. National Reputation View

I. Tributes to Graaskamp After His Death on April 22, 1988

1. Selected Letters of Sympathy and Remembrance Sent to Jean View

B. Davis

2. Real Estate Alumni Association Correspondence View
3. “The Wisconsin Tradition”, A Series of Essays Written by Graaskamp’s Students View
4. Personal Tributes

a. Family Memorial Service View
b. Unpublished Tributes View

5. Published Articles

a. Obituaries (brief) View
b. Tributes (longer) View

6. Administrative Correspondence Concerning Future Speaking Engagements View
7. Community Tributes

a. James A. Graaskamp Park View
b. Capital Community Citizens (CCC) James A. Graaskamp Award View
c. Seminar Room Dedicated to Graaskamp at the InnTowner View
d. Dedication of YWCA-Madison Lobby, March, 1991 View
e. Bas Relief and Plaque at City Station. Grand Opening, June 4, 1992 View
f. Downtown Madison, Inc. Special Tribute, April 29, 1992 View
g. Bench in the U.W. Arboretum View

8. Professional Tributes

a. American Real Estate Society James A. Graaskamp Award View
b. Pension Real Estate Association Award for Research Excellence View

9. Publications With Dedications And/Or Tributes To James A. Graaskamp – Introductory Pages Only

a. Real Estate Acquisitions and Investment Workbook by Howard Zuckerman, 1989 View
b. Institutional and Pension Fund Real Estate Investment by Stephen P. Jarchow and published by John Wiley & Sons, 1990 View
c. Real Estate Development: Principles and Process written by Mike E. Miles, Richard L. Haney, Jr. & Gayle L. Berens, and published by the Urban Land Institute (ULI), 1996-Second Edition-(First Edition published 1991) View
d. Journal of Property Valuation and Investment published by MBC University Press, 1992 View
e. Appraisal, Market Analysis, and Public Policy in Real Estate-Essays in Honor of James A. Graaskamp by the American Real Estate Society, 1994 View
f. Property Valuation and Analysis by R.T.M. Whipple and published by The Law Book Company, Ltd. 1995 View

10. Essays About Graaskamp’s Contributions to Real Estate and Urban Economics, 1991-Funded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Real Estate and Urban Economics and Presented at the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Reunion (WREAA) September 26-29, 1991. Also presented at the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) on January 4, 1992 in New Orleans

a. The Graaskamp Legacy: An “Uncommon Sense” Guides Real Estate Decision Makers in the 1990s-Fourth Draft, June 10, 1991 written by Mike Miles, Max Kummerow, and Mark Eppli and their 1998 revision of “The Graaskamp Legacy” View
b. Graaskamp: An Holistic Perspective by James R. DeLisle View
c. Graaskamp And The Definition of Rigorous Research, September 1991 written by John M. Clapp and Dowell Myers View
d. The Role of Real Estate in the Portfolio Allocation Process, December 1991. Draft written by Jarl G. Kallberg, Crocker H. Liu, and D. Wylie Greig View
e. Linking James Graaskamp’s Work To Mainstream Thought, copyright 1992 and written by Stephen E. Roulac View
f. Financial Feasibility Analysis and its Implications for Lending on Loan Workouts, September 18, 1991 written by J. Sa-Aadu and James D. Shilling View
g. James A. Graaskamp, Richard T. Ely And The Tradition Of Real Estate And Urban Land Econom
ics At The University Of Wisconsin-1992 version written by Marc A. Weiss View
h. James Graaskamp’S Concept Of Highest And Best Use: An Examination Of His Writings-Third Draft, December 14, 1991 written by Kerry D. Vandell and Charles C. Carter View
i. Bootstrapping Land Uses for Real Estate ValuationDecember 1991, Version 1.02 written by Richard K. Green View
j. Solvency in Land Use Decision Making, Version 1.01 by Peter F. Colwell View
k. Methodological Debates With His Colleagues: James A. Graaskamp And The Importance Of Real Estate Institutions (Abstract) by Austin J. Jaffe, 1998 Executive Summary View

11. Articles Written In the Late 1990s

a. Had’em hooked-High Standards, ‘real’ work pushed UW real estate program to the top /12 by Tom Daykin published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Monday, June 17, 1996 View
b. The late Jim Graaskamp’s spirit still inspires UW Grads by Matt Valley, Editor of the Midwest Real Estate News, November 1997 View
false. Hail to the Chief by Michael Penn, MA ’97, Photos by Jeff Miller published in the March/April 1998 issue of On Wisconsin View