Graaskamp Collection – Industry Seminars and Speeches – Short Term

A. Appraisal Organizations

1. 1967

a. “A Simulation Computer Model for Investment Analysi Capital Budget, Cash Flow, Investment Yield, and Appraisal of Income Real Estate or Other Tangible Property”, sponsored by Quarterly Meeting of Ohio Chapter American Institute of Real Estate Appraiser June 19, 1967 View

2. 1969

a. “Definition and Concepts of Feasibility Analysis”, draft of lecture notes and “Suggested Readings for Feasibility Analysis”, Society of Real Estate Appraisers, October 911, 1969 Outline View
b. “Definitions and Concepts of Feasibility Analysis” and “The Real Estate Appraisal Process and Potentials of the Computer Age”, American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, October 24-25, 1969 View

3. 1970

a. “Seminar on Income Property Analysis and Computer Techniques”, Hartford, Connecticut Chapters of: The American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and The Society of Real Estate Appraisers, September 14, 1970 View
b. “The Computer and the Appraiser”, sponsored by the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, May 4, 1970 View

4. 1972

a. “The Role of the Computer in Cash Flow Analysis”, sponsored by Society of Real Estate Appraisers, August 78, 1972 View
b. “A Real Estate Project is an Enterprise and Therefore a Management System”, sponsored by SRA Chapter of Oklahoma City, September 9, 1972 View

5. 1973

a. “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis”, sponsored by Palm Beach Chapter No. 200, SREA, January 6, 1973 View
b. “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis”, sponsored by SREA and AIREA, April 18, 1973. (Also given to unknown audience in Tampa, FL January 1, 1974) View
c. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, University of Michigan and Grand Rapids Chapter of SREA, May 23, 1973 View
d. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis” & “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis” sponsored by AIREA Chapter 5, June 8-9, 1973 View
e. “Real Estate Financial Risk Management” & “Real Estate Appraisal Legal Future Shock”, Honolulu, June 13-14, 1973 View
f. “Feasibility Analysis Seminar Outline”, February 16, 1973, Cincinnati, Ohio View
g. “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis”, joint meeting of SRA and AIREA Chapters, April 18, 1973 View

6. 1974

a. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, jointly sponsored by Central Florida Chapter of American Society of Appraisers and University of Florida, January 9, 1974 View
b. “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Financial Analysis”, sponsored by Florida West Coast Chapter 89 – SREA, January 10, 1974 View
c. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, jointly sponsored by AIREA-SREA, April 11, 1974, Philadelphia, PA View
d. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, SREA Greater Detroit Chapter 13, Washtenaw County Chapter 167, April 15, 1974 View
e. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, SREA Broward County Chapter 204, May 31, 1974 View
f. “Advanced Appraisal Practice Seminar”, SREA, Tampa, FL, June 10, 1974 View
g. “Real Estate Feasibility Seminar”, Arizona Chapter of AIREA, November 21-22, 1974 View

7. 1975

a. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, SREA Central Florida Chapter, January 7, 1975 View
b. “A Guide to Real Estate Investment Financial Analysis”, SREA, Chap. of the University of Florida Union, January, 8, 1975 View
c. “Real Estate Feasibility Workshop”, SREA Chapters of Puerto Rico, Palm Beach County, Great Miami & Broward County, April 1-2, 1975 View
d. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis for the Appraiser”, AIREA, September 12, 1975 View

8. 1976

a. “A Guide to Feasibility Analysis”, Wichita Chap. 69 and Topeka Chap. 159 SREA, AIREA Kansas Chapter 45, & Wichita State University, January 13, 1976 View
b. “New Appraisal Concepts and Methods”, AIREA Ontario, Canada, February 20, 1976 View
c. “Critical Review of Appraisal and Feasibility Reports in Support of Capital Funding Decisions”, Princeton MAI conference, June 10, 1976 View
d. “Highest and Best Use”, SRA Chapter 73 Meeting, June 27, 1976 View
e. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis for the Appraiser”, 1976 AIREA Seminar Committee View
f. “Advanced Farm & Agri-Business Valuation Workshop”, American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers, Chicago, IL, April 30-May 1, 1976 View

9. 1977

a. “A Contemporary Approach to a Real Estate Appraisal Report”, SREA Chicago Chapter, May 3, 1977 View
b. “A Contemporary Approach to a Real Estate Appraisal Report”, AIREA Milwaukee Chapter, June 16, 1977 View
c. “Contemporary Real Estate Analysis Methods”, University of Alaska and SRA, August 23-24, 1977 View
d. “A Contemporary Approach to a Real Estate Appraisal Report”, AIREA and SREA, October 17, 1977 View

10. 1978-1979

a. “Fair Market Value Appraisal at the Watershed”, SREA Philadelphia Chapter 2, February 23, 1978 View
b. “Site Analysis and Market Feasibility”, SREA, July 17, 1978 View
c. “Contemporary Appraisal – Theory and Case Application”, Chapter 55 AIREA, July 28, 1978 View
d. “Appraisal Practice in the Future & Appraisal Education”, SREA International Convention, July 30, 1979 View

11. 1981

a. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis”, Duluth-Superior Chapter 183, SREA, April 10-11, 1981 View
b. “Contemporary Financing Methods and the Effect on Market Value”, SREA Philadelphia Chapter 2, April 30, 1
981 View
c. “Contemporary Issues in the Use of the Income Approach”, AIREA Illinois Chapter 6, May 19, 1981 View

12. 1982

a. “Appraisal for Pension Fund Real Estate Investment”, AIREA Illinois Chapter 6, October 19, 1982 View
b. “Special Problems in Contemporary Appraisal of Major Income Properties”, N. Calif. Chapter, September 16-17, 1982 View

13. 1983

a. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis Seminar”, Houston Chapter 33 AIREA, February 18-19, 1983 View
b. “Contemporary Appraisal Issues for Large Income Properties”, Alaska Chapters of AIREA and SREA, July 26, 1983 View
c. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis Seminar”, Denver Chapter AIREA, September 16-17, 1983 View

14. 1984

a. “Identification and Delineation of Real Estate Market Research”, SREA, Homer Hoyt Institute of Maryland, October 10-13, 1984 View
b. “Contemporary Appraisal of Large Income Properties”, North Carolina Chapter, AIREA, April 20, 1984 View

15. 1985

a. “Emerging Trends in Real Estate Valuation”, sponsored by South Central AIREA, March 22, 1985 View
b. “Real Estate Feasibility Analysis and Creative Problem Solving”, sponsored by L.A. Chapter 5 AIREA, May 2829, 1985. Similar seminar given September 13-14, 1984 (See Section V. F. 16. of JAG Collection) View
c. “Contemporary Issues and Methods for Appraising Commercial Properties”, sponsored by AIREA, July 26, 1985 Florida/Alabama; October 9 1985, Arizona; September 26-27, 1985, NY,; May, 1985, San Diego, CA View

16. 1986

a. “Contemporary Income Property Appraising”, spons AIREA, July 9-12, 1986 View

17. 1987

a. “Impacts of Regulation on the Appraisal Industry” sponsored by AIREA Research Series, May 16-17, 1987 View

18. Dates and/or Groups Unknown

a. “Joint MAI-SREA Dinner” View
b. “The Winds of Change – A Vane Prediction” Joint Meeting of SREA Chapter 73 and Wisconsin Chapter of AIREA in Madison, WI at the Sheraton View
c. “Feasibility Analysis Seminar Outline”, “Basic Concepts for Structuring Feasibility Analysis”, and Contemporary Feasibility Seminar Outline”, Three versions of a similar outline View
d. “One Day Feasibility Seminar Program Outline” View
e. “Real Estate Feasibility”, A Joint Seminar of AIA and AIREA (Incomplete) View
f. “Contemporary Appraisal of Large Income Properties”, jointly sponsored by Appraisal Institute of Canada and Halifax Chapter, AIC View
g. “Graaskamp Island Case” View

B. Assessors and Other Public Officials

1. “Assessment Valuation of Privately Owned, Government Subsidized Housing”, to the North Central Region of Assessment Officers, Springfield, IL. May 7, 1977 View
2. “The Future in Assessment Appraisal Techniques”, to the Canadian Property Tax Agents Association, October 28, 1971 View
3. No title; focus on Appraisal Reform, 1987 Assessors Institute, Fox Hills Resort, Mishicot, WI., October 1, 1987 View
3. No title; focus on contemporary appraisal, First Annual Meeting of the North Central Regional Assessors Association, Eau Claire, Wi., April 9, 1979 View
5. Market Comp Seminar with Robert Knitter, Assessors Conference, Springfield, IL, May 7, 1977 View
6. “How Many Sticks in the Bundle of Rights or What is a Taxable Interest in Real Estate?”. Presented to the Municipal Assessors Institute, Wisconsin Rapids, WI. September 3, 1984 View
7. “Appraisal Seminar” presented to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, August 15, 1985. Includes letter organizing the seminar View
8. “Real Estate as an Investment for Pension Funds”, presented to the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, April 14 1981 View
9. Speech to the DNR Administrative Staff, touches on rural real estate markets, state acquisition, tax problems, preservation and changing appraisal and development trends. Presented December 4, 1979. View
10. “Comments for Milwaukee County Employees Pension Trust Officers; circa 1980s, Milwaukee, WI View
11. “The Missing Element: The Institutional Role in Economic Development”, presented to the Wisconsin Economic Development Association, no date or place given View
12. No title given. General discussion of the real estate process. Presented to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, May 21, 1976 View
13. Address given at the Dane County Regional Planning Commission Dinner; ties the real estate process into the planning process. No date or place given View
14. “Entrepreneurial Decision-Making in the Development Process: The Public/Private Approach”, presented to the State of California Economic Development Course for State Public Officials, Long Beach, CA. March 16-19, 1981. View
15. “Contemporary Real Estate Concepts and Appraisal Methods”, one day seminar for the Minnesota Department of Transportation annual real estate appraisal conference held in St. Paul, MN. May 5, 1977 View
16. “Impressions of the Marketability of Transferable Development Rights”, prepared for the Bettman Symposium at the 40th Annual ASPO National Planning Conference, Chicago, IL, May 13, 1974. File also contains correspondence View

C. Focus on Appraisal Reform

1. Conferences

a. “Impact of Appraisal Reform on Lenders, Developers, and the Appraisal Business’, held with the help of the UW Baltimore Alumni Chapter, Baltimore, MD. April 23,1987. Congressman Douglas Barnard, Jr. speaking at invitation of James A. Graaskamp View
b. “Public and Private Control of Appraisal Procurement”, held with the help of the Georgia Alumni Cha
pter, Atlanta, GA. January 8, 1988. Includes the handout, the registration materials and follow-up correspondence View

2. Communication with the Real Estate Industry

a. Letter and Response to Danny Wall, Chairman of the FHLBB. Includes Congressional Record of Barnard’s testimony and a copy of H.R. 3675 the “Real Estate Appraisal Reform Act of 1987” introduced by Congressman Barnard View
b. Transcription of Graaskamp’s testimony to the Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs, February 29, 1988. Also includes his handout to the committee and miscellaneous articles on the need for reform View
c. Information from the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and the Society of Real Estate Appraisers regarding their actions in regard to appraisal reform View
d. Correspondence with McCloud Hodges and Michael Cane (United Kingdom) regarding Appraisal Reform View
e. Presentation of the proceedings of the May 16-17, 1987 Research Form sponsored by the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, Chicago, IL View

D. The Legal Profession

1. “Real Estate Process” Presented to the Dane County Bar Association, March 6, 1973 View
2. “Economic Aspects of ‘Tax-Sheltered’ Investments in Real Estate”, presented at the Midwinter Meeting of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. February 21, 1974 View
3. “Appraisal Process and Legal Strategy”, a one day seminar for the American Bar Association Convention. Includes handouts, a full transcription of the seminar, and organizational correspondence. Presented in Chicago, IL on August 7, 1984 View

E. Realtor Associations

1. “Impact of Appraisal Reform on Availability and Affordability of Housing and Housing Credit”, Third Annual Real Estate Finance Roundtable, sponsored by the National Association of Realtors, Chicago, IL, October 12, 1987. Includes talk plus correspondence View
2. “Providing Housing for Special Groups”, Speech to the Wisconsin Realtors Conference, April 17, 1982. Place unknown View
3. “Investment Analysis Seminar Outline”, presented to the Greater Madison Board of Realtors, November 8, 1979 View
4. “Investment Analysis Seminar Outline”, presented to the Greater Madison Board of Realtors, September 20, 1978 View
5. “The Changing Structure of the Mortgage Market”, 1968 Realtors Conference, No date or place given View
6. Milwaukee Board of Realtors, No Title, Describes the U.W. Real Estate Program, and discusses computers and practical applications in brokerage, assessment and the real estate industry October 31, 1967 View
7. Madison Realtors Luncheon. Basic speech on the real estate process and the Wisconsin approach. No date or title View

F. Miscellaneous Professional Associations

1. “Forces for Good and Evil Affecting the Soul of Real Estate Finance”, presented to the Wisconsin Mortgage Bankers Association, May 16, 1983 View
2. “New Developments in Real Estate Education”, presented to the Wisconsin Bankers, March 20, year and place unknown View
3. “1981 Economic Tax Recovery Seminar”, presented to the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association, Chicago, IL, April 22, 1982 View
4. “Real Estate as Part of a Diversified Portfolio”, presented to the Chicago Mortgage Bankers Association, April 21, 1983 View
5. Mortgage Bankers Dinner, No Title, Philadelphia, April 30, 1981. Talking about valuation and title issues View
6. Luncheon Speech for the Chicago Leasing Brokers Association, Talking about asset management, tenant retention and leasing in general, No title or date given View
7. Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers, focused on real estate education at the university level, no title or date given View
8. “The Outlook for Real Estate”, Life Officers Investment Seminar, June 15, 1982 View
9. “The Pension Fund Appraisal Boondoggle”, presented to the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries, April 7, 1983 Two parts View
10. “Impact of Changing Appraisal Regulation on the Developer”, National Association of Industrial and Office Parks, September 29, 1987 View
11. “Analysis of Real Estate Market Conditions”, Asset Manager Symposium, San Antonio, TX, February 9, 1986 View
12. “The Appraisal Process and Pension Fund Real Estate Investment”, Pension Fund Real Estate Capital Investment and Management, Session 9, for the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), April 22-23, 1982, Chicago View
13. Keynote speech for the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) symposium entitled “Leasing, Marketing, Securitization, and Analysis of Real Estate Portfolios”, February 19, 1986 Focused on trends and suggested investment strategies View
14. “A Business Forecast for 1983”, presented to NAIOP, November 16, year not given View
15. “Marketing Research for Rental Real Estate”, a seminar presented to the Building and Owners Management Association of Milwaukee, October 1, 1985 Includes handouts View
16. “Real Estate Feasibility and Creative Problem Solving”, cosponsored by the Commercial Real Estate Organization, September 13-14, 1984 Similar seminar given May 28-29, 1985 (See Section V. A. 15. b.) View
17. “Retail Site Selection Seminar – A Introduction to Basic Retail Site Selection”, course taught for credit by NACORE, May 13-16, 1981; file includes correspondence and certificate awarded to NACORE members View
18. “New Directions”, sponsored by the Corporate Real Estate Management Group, September 23, 1981; Covers investment, law, valuation, corporate and long term locational factors View
19. “A Risk Management Approach to Real Estate Lease Negotiations”, sponsored by the National Association of Corporate Real Estate Executives (NACORE), July 9-12, 1980 View
20. “Real Estate Investment in the 1980’s”, sponsored by the Apartment Trade Show, March 27, 1981 View
21. “Feasibility Analysis-the Father of Appraisal”, Lambda Alpha Presentation, March 19, 1976; includes both the outline and transcriptions of the talk View
22. “A Simple Technique to Improve Market Comparison of Land Sales”, sponsored by the American Right-of-Way Association, June 22, 1976 View
23. “Computer Programs for Predicting Private Development of Student Housing Facilities”, sponsored by the Midwest Business Administration Fourth Annual Meeting, Minneapolis MN, April 19, 1968 View
24. National Association of Housing Educators, No date or title. Speech focuses on the program including comments on the Badger Redevelopment Corporation and a description of the first year’s operation; circa 1972-73 View
25. CMI Sales Meeting, February 27, no year. Speech discusses private mortgage insurance View
26. “Elements of Appraisal Standards Program for Reporting Pension Fund Real Estate Units Following Purchase of Real Estate”, preliminary draft prepared for Annual Research Meeting of American Real Estate Society by James A. Graaskamp and Robert Gibson, April 4, 1986 View
27. “Implementation of Minimum Appraisal Standards for Valuation of Pension Fund Real Estate Unit Values” for Appraisal Research Committee of Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) by Robert Gibson and James A. Graaskamp, October 14-15, 1986 View
28. “A Critique of Goals and Objectives of Real Estate Education Programs from the Viewpoint of Industry and University”, presented to the National Real Estate Educators Conference, November 15-16, 1982 View

G. Miscellaneous Company Lectures

1. “Proceedings of the Meredith and Grew Ninth Annual Seminar”: Keynote by Graaskamp on the globalization of real estate, Boston, MA, February 4, 1988 View
2. “Redefinition of Fundamental Real Estate Concepts as a Key to Land Use Control and Investment Strategy”: Transcript of a talk presented to Gruen, Gruen & Associates, November 8, 1974 View
3. General Electric Credit Corporation, No title to the lecture given in Naples, FL, March 17, 1987; mix of topics including investments, RE as an asset class, trends for the RE finance industry and contemporary appraisal analysis View
4. “Appraisal Trends for Large Investors”, sponsored by Salomon Brothers, January 29, 1987 View
5. Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co., No title Focuses on contemporary appraisal and trends for the future, June 20, 1977 View
6. “Real Estate Seminar”, sponsored by First Chicago Corporation, November 6, 1973 View
7. Foremost Guaranty Insurance, no title or date for speech View
8. “Medical Site and Structural Analysis”, and “Comments on Real Estate Investment”, sponsored by Gaarder – Miller, an accounting firm which serves many area physicians, October 3, 1978 View
9. “Real Estate Trends”, for Office Network, New York, N.Y., circa 1986 View
10. “Changing Concepts of Appraisal for Institutional Lenders Affecting the Development Process”, sponsored by Ferguson & Burdell, circa 1987-88 View
11. Notes taken from speech to Prudential Insurance Company, March 20, 1987; focuses on the Wisconsin approach to real estate analysis (tapes of the speech at Landmark Research, Inc. – goal is to transcribe tapes) View
12. Transcription of Seminar for Northwest Building Corporation, Seattle, Washington, May, 1980; Includes notes on “Positive Spread”, 12/13/85 and “Economic Forecast and Real Estate Investments”, March 3, 1986 View
13. “Real Estate as Part of a Diversified Portfolio”, First Minneapolis Trust Department, April 14, 1983 View
14. Financial Management Concepts Applied to Contemporary Real Estate Practices”, Seattle-First National Bank Real Estate Advisory Services, Don Spencer, Manager, May 1, 1980: Includes brochures and correspondence View
15. Correspondence from Carolyn Schwenker, First Boston Real Estate and Development Corporation: Re:”Project Feasibility Analysis”, February 4, 1986 View
16. Outline of Speech for Travelers Insurance Conferences; No date or place given View
17. “Conceptualizing Commercial Real Estate’s Future”, Roundtable Discussion for Frederick Ross Company, May 2829, 1986; Contact Person was Cyrus A. “Rus” Hackstaff View

H. Presentations Sponsored by Other Universities

1. “A Market Comparison Pricing Algorithm Based on Set Theory (Or Bill Shenkel Was Right All Along)”, sponsored by Center for Real Estate & Urban Economic Studies, The University of Connecticut, Market Comparison Lecture Series, October 25, 1985; includes sample of Experimental Automated Market Comparison Process” plus a slightly different version–probably a preliminary draft View
2. “Real Estate Investment Strategies and Selection Criteria for the 1980’s”, sponsored by the University of University of Texas-Austin, September 19-20, 1980 View
3. “Contemporary Real Estate Feasibility Analysis”, sponsored by the University of Alberta Extension, October 12-13, 1978 (incomplete lecture notes) View
4. “Real Estate Decision Making — A Seminar on Issues of the Next Five Years”, sponsored by The Wichita Board of Realtors & Center for Management Development, January 12, 1976 View
5. “Real Estate Seminar”, first presented to First Chicago Corp. in Lake Forest, IL on November 16, 1973 and then sponsored by the Madison Area Technical College, March 12, 1974 View
6. “Real Estate Trends and Risk Management”, sponsored by the Michigan State University, January 31, 1974 View
7. “Changing Concepts of Real Estate Investment Strategy”, sponsored by Northern Illinois University, March 14, 1973 View
8. “Buying Investment Property”, sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Green B
ay, January 29-30, 1981 View
9. “Real Estate Investment Seminar”, sponsored by OstendorfMorris, November 6-7, 1981 View
10. “Land Investment Seminar” sponsored by R.E. Educational Services, Inc., Columbus, OH, December 1, 1973 at the Christopher Inn View
11. “Simulation Model for Investment Project Analysis of Income Producing Real Estate”, presented at the Colloquium on Computer Applications in Real Estate Investment Analysis, University of British Columbia, February, 1968 View

I. Other Presentations In Which Either The Date And/Or Sponsoring Organization Is Missing

1. Risk Management/Investment Related Topics

a. “Real Estate Financial Risk Management”, Princess Kaiulani Hotel, June 13, 1973 View
b. “Insurance and Risk Management Session”, no date View
c. “Real Estate Risks Can be Controlled”, no date View
d. “The Value of Energy Savings: A New Perspective for the Finance Community”, no date View
e. Some New Perspectives on Money Management Strategy”, no date View
f. “Don’t Buy Real Estate – Buy a Set of Financial Assumptions”, no date View
g. “Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis”, no date View
h. “New Concepts in Real Estate Analysis”, no date View
i. “Capital Markets & Real Estate Mortgages”, no date View
j. “Investment Simulation”, no date View
k. “Investment Purchase Simulation”, no date View
l. “Guide to Real Estate Investment Analysis”, Tampa, Florida, January 10, 1974 View
m. “Public/Corporate Real Estate Money”, no date View
n. “Strategic Planning Approach to Major Real Estate Decisions”, no date View
o. “Public Real Estate Corporations”, no date View
p. “Commingled Funds”, April 18, 1987 View
q. “Office Buildings”, no date View
r. “Notes on the Organization & Investment Attributes of Limited Partnerships”, no date View
s. “Introduction to Limited Partnerships”, no date View
t. “Real Estate Equity Trusts”, no date View
u. “Notes Real Estate Investment Trusts”, no date View
v. “Corporate Real Estate”, March 8-10, 1983 View

2. Appraisal Topics

a. “Appraisal Organization and Fee Structure”, no date View
b. “The Future of Appraisal & the Independent Appraiser”, no date View
c. “Appraiser – Generalist or Specialist?”, no date View
d. “Lecture on Land Investment and Appraisal”, no date View
e. “Contemporary Real Estate Appraisal Seminar”, assorted outlines from a variety of presentations (one dated June 30, 1977) View
f. “The Appraisal/Accounting Interface”, no date View
g. “Appraisal Practice in the Future & Appraisal Education”, no date View
h. “Assessing Income Properties – How Many Sticks in the Bundle of Rights?”, July 11, 1984 View
i. “Real Estate Applications of Multipurpose Cadastre Systems”, no date View
j. “Contemporary Real Estate Appraisal Report”, January 1, 1978 View
k. “A Contemporary Real Estate Appraisal Report”, September 30, 1977 View
l. “A Contemporary Real Estate Appraisal Report”, March 14, 1977 View
m. “Contemporary Issues and Methods for Appraising Commercial Properties”, no date View
n. “Contemporary Issues and Methods for Appraising Commercial Properties”, a classic example of James A. Graaskamp’s seminar on commercial appraisal, no date View
o. “Feasibility Analysis Seminar Outline”, no date View
p. “Real Estate Project Feasibility Analysis”, no date View
q. “Contemporary Real Estate Appraisal Methods”, no date View
r. “Ellwood Analysis”, February 21, 1976 View
s. “Appraisal of Transitional Neighborhoods”, circa 1985 View
t. “Notes on Urban Renewal Land use Appraising”, “Comment on Re-Use Appraisal”, no dates View
u. “Emerging Trends in Appraisal Techniques”, no date View
v. “Appraisal Procurement Seminar”, no date View
w. “Market Comp Theory Compared to Regression”, no date View
x. “Comment on Condemnation Appraisal”, “Notes on Eminent Domain”, no dates View
y. “Real Estate Tax Appraisal”, no date View
z. “Discount & Capitalization Rates”, no date View
aa. “Appraisal and Social Equity”, no date View
bb. “Direct Sales Comparison Approach”, Session 13, no date View
cc. “Pension Fund Real Estate Valuation Issues”, no date (Also see VII. H.4.) View

3. Development Topics

a. “Truth in Land Development Ordinance”, Focus on City of Middleton, WI ordinance, 1978
b. “Recreational Land Development”, An Overview, circa 1970s View
c. “Recreational Development”, no date View
d. “Future Philosophy and Strategy in Buying Industrial Real Estate”, circa 1985-86 View
e. “Notes for Metropolitan Buildings”, Focus on risk management for developers/investors View
f. “Cubernetics – The Study of Space/Time Attributes for Land Use Allocation”, no date View
g. “Urban Sprawl and Land Use Regulation”, no date View
h. “Real Estate and Professional Liability”, no date View
i. “236 Housing Projects”, no date View
j. “Condominium Principles and Practice”, no date View
k. “HOA (Home Owners Association) or Condo?”, no date View
l. “Land Development Process”, 1973 View
m. “Industrial Development”, no date View
n. “AIA Contract”, no date View
o. “Residential Development”, no date View
p. “Two speech outlines “Commercial Leases”, “Office Leases”, and two lease check lists, no dates View
q. “Hotel-Motel Strategy”, “Hotel-Motel Lecture”, “Motel Investment”, no dates View
r. “Restaurant Real Estate”, no date View
s. “The Magic Real Estate of Disney World”, no date (Probably notes for a slide presentation) View
t. “Commentary on Shopping Center Development”, and other notes on shopping center development and financing, no date View
u. “Financial Plan Versus Product-Housing”, no date View
v. “Management Survey Report”, Property Development & Management lecture, no date View
w. “Elements of Feasibility Analysis”, presented in seminar for Real Estate Development for Architects, Engineers and Planners at Wisconsin Center, no date View

4. Education Topics

a. “The Changing Economics of Teaching Real Estate and Land Economics”, no date View
b. “A Tradition of Real Estate Education”, 1974 View
c. “Issues in Consumer Education”, no date View
d. “Real Estate Careers” no date View
e. “W Club Speech”, 1986 View

5. Market Analysis/Urban Economics/Real Estate Process

a. “Contemporary Real Estate Market Analysis”, April 26-29, 1978 View
b. “Contemporary Real Estate Market Research”, (San Antonio paper), no date View
c. “Housing Economics Lecture” no date View
d. “A Definition of Urban Land Economics”, February 3, 1970 View
e. “Real Estate Economics – The Next 25 Years”, no date View
f. “Notes for Detroit – Future Shock”, no date View
g. “The Outlook for Real Estate”, June 15, no year View
h. “Outline of Observations on Rent Control in General and as an Ordinance for Madison in Particular”, no date View
i. “Comments on Neighborhood Associations”, no date View
j. “Delineating the Retail Trade Area”, no date View
k. “Market and Merchandising Feasibility”, for MBA Income Property Financing Conference, no date View
l. “Homeowner’s Associations as a Design Factor”, no date View
m. “Development and Operations of HUD”, no date View
n. “Rent Control & Apartment Management”, no date View
o. “A Real Estate Project is an Enterprise and Therefore a Management System”, given at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu during a Feasibility Seminar, no date (shorter version V.A.4.b.) View
p. “Merchandising Analysis for Office Space” presented to Real Estate Feasibility Seminar at Wisconsin Center, no date View
q. “Real Estate Research: Theoretical and Applied”, presented to Executive Research Symposium at Wisconsin Center, April 23, 1974 View

6. Real Estate Finance/Mortgage Banking/Mortgage Guaranty Insurance

a. “Tools of the Trade in Real Estate Finance”, no date. View
b. “The Evolution and Place of Real Estate Finance Among Institutional Investors”, no date. View
c. “Second Mortgages and Land Contracts”, no date View
d. “Real Estate Finance & Risk Management”, no date View
e. “The Foreclosure Process”, no date View
f. “Risk Management Functions of Mortgage Guaranty Insurance”, no date View
g. “Capital Flows to the Mortgage Market” and “Recent Changes in Capital Flows to the Mortgage Market”, no date View
h. “Real Estate Loan Officers/Credit Administrators”, no date View
i. “Land Loans”, no date View
j. “Money Risks to Mortgage Lender”, no date View
k. “Construction Loan Process”, no date View
l. “Secondary Mortgage Market”, no date View
m. “Apartment House Mortgage Lending”, no date View
n. “Government Mortgage Operations”, no date View
o. “Real Estate Credit and the Federal Government”, no date View
p. “Mortgage Banking”, no date View
q. “Commercial Banks and Real Estate Credit”, no date View
r. “Savings and Loan – Some Thoughts”, no date View
s. “Alternatives to Adjustable Rate Mortgages”, no date View
t. “Shopping for Money”, no date View
u. “Variable Rate – Indexed Mortgage Instruments”, no date View
v. “Documentation Risk”, no date View
w. “Appraisal, Foreclosure, Second Mortgages, and Land Contracts”, no date View
x. “Closing a Residential Loan”, no date View
y. “Making the Residential Loan – A Risk Management Process”, no date View
z. “Discussions in Family Finance and Home Ownership”, no date View
aa. “Income Property Mortgage Lending”, August 21 – 22, 1985 View
bb. “Madison Realtors Luncheon”, no date View
cc. “Monroe Clinic Seminar – Real Estate Investments”, no date View
false. “Evaluation of a Comingled Fund – i.e. PRISA”, no date View